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Moonshadow Designs
A pre-made layout community for LJ users
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14th-Aug-2017 12:28 pm - August calendars!!
Fairy dance
A bit late crossposting these because I forgot!!*blush*

Still, take a look and I hope you enjoy them!!One set featuring Sam and Rosie!:)
6th-Apr-2017 03:03 pm - April calendars are here!:)
I still love you
One featuring Haldir! See them all here:
and ENJOY!!
21st-May-2008 01:25 am - sorry for the flooding!
jthm big eyed
i'm not trying to take over your friends pages! honest! i've just been busy. but i've run out of images to work with, so i think i'm done posting for a day or two until some of our lovely members start sending more images my way. (and if you happen to BE one of those lovely members with the pics i so desire, i'd love it if you left a link to said pics in a comment to this post!) anyway, i won't eat up any more of your journal space tonight-- ttfn!
17th-May-2008 07:38 pm - Image Hosting Sites
jthm big eyed
Some good image hosting sites for you to use are listed here. Some sites (like photobucket) require membership, but a basic account is free, and in the long run, you're better off signing up and using their dedicated servers-- because some sites (like imageshack and tinypic) sometimes purge their accounts and delete images you've uploaded.

Photobucket *recommended!*

Village Photos
Image Cave
Instant Image Hosting
jthm big eyed
it kills me to see this poor community to fall into such disrepair... but then it occurred to me last night that i'm a moderator! (ya, blond moment, i know.) anyway, i'd like to make myself useful and give new life to this community again... but i can't really do it alone. so gimme a hand, would ya?

if anyone happens to have the original images used in any of deb's layouts, please post a link to them in a comment here. i'd like to rehost them on my own servers so that everyone can have access to them again. i also plan on reworking the layouts here so that they can be used in the old s1 or the new s2 styles... and then, if i feel ambitious, i may just start posting new work of my own design. KEEP IN MIND, though, that i am no deb mills. she was one of a kind.... but i do have some knowledge of html and journal design, so why not? i love this community and i want it to be active and beautiful again....

so who's with me?

1st-Dec-2006 11:44 pm - Community Closing
I'm sorry but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm shutting down Moonshadow Designs. There are so many new things involved in LJ and I don't have time to fix all the layouts I've made, let alone even make a single new one. There are too many changes to the layout system codes and most of the layouts here do not work. I'm getting a lot of help requests and frankly, I don't have time to help anyone out with layouts. My life is incredibly difficult with upcoming back surgery (yes again) and fighting with ins. companies and trying to work 3 jobs. So I want to apologize to all of you and thank you for being devoted members of this community. Should there come a time when I'm able to start doing layouts again, I'll reinstate Moonshadow Designs.

This community will go down in 5 days. If you want to use a layout or save some layouts, be sure to do so and give credit.

Again, thank you all of you wonderful members. I still have a private journal and perhaps one day this community will be back.

Kandi has been working hard and trying to answer all of your requests and help needs, and I really appreciate everything she's done. (btw Kandi I lost your email so I couldn't tell you in advance of this). She deserves a lot of credit for keeping this community running these past few months.


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